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After being in school for numerous years, it is time to start searching for the job of your dreams. During the job search process certain questions will be raised: How do I know that my employer will understand my needs?, What do I tell people or my employer about my disability?, or What challenges will I face in the field? Unfortunately, we do not know the answers to every single question. However, certain resources such as the Disability Equality Index (DEI) are available to us. The Disability Equality Index is a bench marking tool that rates companies’ inclusion policies and practices and is an excellent start to finding companies that are already progressively making their organization an inclusive workplace for persons with disabilities. Read more about career experiences from young adults within the Usher community to better understand, what you can do to further your career endeavors.

As a young adult, here are examples of topics you may want to contribute your experiences to:

Searching for a Job

Selecting the right job for you

How do I know that my employer will understand my needs

Applying for Jobs

Preparing for Interviews

What do I tell people about my disability? 

Entering the Workforce

How do I speak to my employer about my disability? 

Communicating with my colleagues

Preparing for large meetings or seminars

Experiences with Different Careers


  • A state by state listing of agencies serving individuals who are blind or with low vision

  • Provides information about transition programs that emphasize empowerment, career exploration, and work experiences for teens and young adults who are blind or visually impaired.