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Books about Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and CIs for Children

  • This children’s picture book illustrates the process of how Abby gets a cochlear implant. Abby, who wears purple hearing aids, has a progressive hearing loss and her family chooses a cochlear implant for her. The story goes on to describe hearing testing, cochlear implants and the steps a family would take to explore this option of habilitation for their child who has hearing loss.

  • by Debbie Blackington

  • by Rebecca Rissman

  • by Melanie Hawkins
    "This book is not about hearing loss but rather the unique traits that make us look or feel a bit different. It can help us realize that no matter our abilities, strengths or weaknesses, each of us is precious, rare, and beautiful!"

  • by Ashley Machovec

  • by Walt Disney Company

  • Evren & Kara Ayik wrote this book to uplift children with rare diseases following Evren’s graduation from high school. Evren’s advocacy work for people with Acid Sphingomyelinase Deficiency (ASMD) began in 2017 when he was invited to speak at the FDA in Maryland and in several other states about life with ASMD. He plans to become a special education teacher and now attends California State University, Fresno. His mother, Kara, has been an educator for over twenty years.

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