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If you tell your story, if you share your dream, if you reach out for help, you might just be surprised who will reach back out to help and tell their story, and share their dream, to you.

Kate's call for sunsets is for all of us.

Usher syndrome has brought Kate to a crossroad, but she is determined to choose the right path.

This battle with Usher syndrome is never going to be over. Not until we truly have won.

Last year, throughout the first Own the Equinox campaign, Kate was on the outside looking in. Now, this year, she is ready to step out and speak up.

Poetry and prose by Kate Morell reflecting on the role Usher syndrome has played in her life.

‘I wish I were a psychologist,’ I think. ‘I wish I knew exactly what to say.’ Sometimes I shy away from writing, not knowing exactly what to say. Afraid my words may not be exactly what others want to read.

To be fiercely independent. Determined. Persevering. Tenacious. Kate wonders if these qualities go hand in hand with Usher syndrome.

If only I had left my words to be found. If only I had the voice to speak the words I wrote. All I had to do was tell someone, anyone. All I had to do was tell someone those words.


I am home.

The suitcase is unpacked.

And I am home.

Lately I have been obsessed with the question, ‘what would I miss?’

A Poem by Kate Morell

A Poem by Kate Morrell