USH2020: The Best Hearing Technology for Usher Syndrome

July 10, 2020

Shanna M. Dewsnup,  Au.D., CCC-A, Happy Ears Hearing Center

Dr. Dewsnup shares an overview of the newest hearing technology and accessories available today that work best for those living with Usher syndrome.

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Speaker Bio:

Dr. Shanna Dewsnup is an audiologist and mother of an adult child with Type II Usher Syndrome. She has spoken extensively about hearing loss and Usher Syndrome and is an expert in hearing technology. Dr. Dewsnup has been the motivational keynote speaker for two large conferences, sharing her own personal parent journey through her child’s Usher diagnosis and the impact it has made in her life. 

Dr. Dewsnup founded Happy Ears Hearing Center with her husband, Kevin, in Arizona. They have a merged family with 5 children. Her oldest son Brenden, who is now 21 years old, has only five degrees of central vision, is an accomplished piano performance major at Grand Canyon University, and lives on campus with ‘Diesel’, his seeing-eye dog.

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