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  • Karmen Trzupek, MS, CGC

    Genetic Counselor specializing in inherited eye diseases
    InformedDNA Phone: ‎(800) 975-4819

    Based in the United States, InformedDNA was formed with the purpose of reaching individuals and families with genetic diseases who do not have easy access to specialty centers with knowledgeable genetic counseling services. Counselors can schedule appointments at the patients’ convenience, during the day or in the evening, and can accommodate conference calls to include multiple family members, if desired. InformedDNA can determine coverage and bill insurance companies directly so the patient does not have to navigate the insurance system. Following the appointment, they can send out a test order for the genetic test. Blood can be drawn through any local physician's office or lab and sent in for testing. Patients and their families do not have to travel for any part of the service.

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