Let's Work Together to Make Podcasts More Accessible

A person holding their hand up to their ear with text reading "Let's work together to make podcasts more accessible." above a clipart image of a microphone

We can't share podcasts with the Usher syndrome community until there are transcripts available. We hate to think of the 400,000+ people with Usher syndrome around the world missing out on podcasts because of accessibility. 

Usher syndrome affects hearing and vision, which means there are different accessibility needs. 

What are the benefits of making your podcasts accessible?

As a society, we have captions on many videos, and audio descriptions are slowly rolling out, so where are the transcripts for podcasts?

At the Usher Syndrome Coalition, we strive to be an accessible resource and want to share podcasts with our Usher community. However, we noticed a recurring theme when we ask if there will be a podcast episode transcript available. The answer? A resounding “No.” 

Become a leader in accessibility and inclusivity in the podcast industry.

By providing transcripts for podcasts more than 48 million deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind Americans would have full and equal enjoyment of the content you offer your hearing users, in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Did you know that a whopping 1 in 3 adults over 65 loses their hearing due to age? 

Have you heard of the term "curb-cut effect"? It's when something is implemented with disability in mind and winds up benefiting the general public. This means that in addition to helping 400,000+ people with Usher syndrome, providing transcripts on all podcasts can also benefit your parents, grandparents, and anyone who loses their hearing at any age. 

Transcribing podcasts is no longer difficult or cost-prohibitive, with transcription being offered by a wide variety of services and apps. 

By publishing your podcast transcripts along with your audio files, you will reach a wider audience who otherwise would not have access, and find new listeners thanks to your newly accessible content. 

We invite you to join together with the Usher Syndrome Coalition to address and resolve this issue, creating a roadmap of accessibility for the podcast world. 

We’re happy to be a resource!