USH Ambassador for Nepal

Prashanta Kathayat

Prashanta Kathayat is a DeafBlind advocate in action, and a leader in Nepal. In 1997, he was born in Baijanath - a small village in Banke district of Lumbini province in Nepal - to a rural farmer family. From birth to twelve years, Prashanta had a typical childhood. When he was 12 years old, he was found to be profoundly deaf in both ears, and experiencing the early stages of night blindness. He was subsequently diagnosed with Usher syndrome type 2. Despite this, Prashanta maintains a positive attitude. He has many talents and abilities, is bright, energized, and highly motivated to remain involved with many different organizations and individuals in Nepal such as government agencies, Helen Keller World Conference, World Federation of the DeafBlind, and others. Most recently, Prashanta became an ambassador for the Usher Syndrome Coalition for Nepal.

Prashanta is an advocate in action for human rights, education, equality and justice in society, rehabilitation, technology access, and more. In both business and government, Prashanta and his team stand up for the voices of Nepali DeafBlind citizens.

Prashanta is married to Sabina Singh, who is hard of hearing with low vision. 

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