USH Ambassador for Minnesota

Trevor Turner

Meet Trevor Turner, USH Ambassador for MN

Image: Man in his early 30s, short blond hair, blue and green striped shirt, stands on an apartment terrace, a cityscape behind him.

Transcript of video: Hello Usher syndrome community at the Usher Syndrome Coalition conference. My name is Trevor Turner. I’m the Usher syndrome ambassador for the state of Minnesota. I have type 2A Usher syndrome myself,  and I am an international development professional.  I have 10 years of non-profit experience and lived and traveled around the world.  Here in Minnesota, our Usher syndrome community is small, but we're identifying more and more people, and we're growing, and I think our biggest potential here is being able to connect with all the medical companies and the medical professionals here, like hearing industry and the vision industry here.

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Resources in Minnesota

  • This free and confidential registry, maintained by the Usher Syndrome Coalition, is the only registry exclusively for individuals of every age with any type of Usher syndrome, worldwide. By registering, you become part of a growing global community. The registry is our most powerful tool to connect the community, learn about the community, and support research.

  • Serves families and educators of children and youth who have combined hearing and vision loss, with or without additional disabilities, from birth to age 21.

  • Program and services for youth and adults with combined vision and hearing loss.

  • Provides free telecommunication evaluation, equipment, and training to children and adults with significant vision and hearing loss who qualify. iCanConnect is a national program authorized under the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program.

  • A national volunteer organization created to empower the voices of families of individuals who are deaf-blind and to advocate for their unique needs.

  • Maya is one of our USH Ambassadors for MN. This is her first published piece with Wordgathering. She enjoys writing science fiction, short stories, and about the daily lived experience of being disabled.

  • The Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing featured USH Ambassador Trevor Turner in their #CanDoAnything campaign.

  • Starkey Offers Assistance for No Cost Hearing Aids

    The Minnesota Council on Disability encourages Minnesotans in need to contact Starkey Hearing Technologies for assistance in acquiring no-cost hearing aids.
    From Starkey Hearing Technologies:
    All of us at Starkey understand the difficulties that individuals with hearing loss face. We want to help! Starkey Cares is a corporate social responsibility program dedicated to giving back to the local community. For those struggling to afford hearing aids, Starkey Cares can help acquire state-of-the-art hearing aids at no cost. If you or someone you know is interested in participating, please email Liz Sweet, Starkey Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, at or call (800) 328-8602 to learn additional details about the program.

    Participants must be able to meet the minimum qualifications outlined below:
    Documented hearing loss
    Demonstrated financial need
    Minnesota resident with the ability to attend an in-person fitting