USH Ambassador for Louisiana

Dan Arabie

Dan Arabie is the USH Ambassador for Louisiana.

You may contact Dan at:

Resources for Louisiana

  • This free and confidential registry, maintained by the Usher Syndrome Coalition, is the only registry exclusively for individuals of every age with any type of Usher syndrome, worldwide. By registering, you become part of a growing global community. The registry is our most powerful tool to connect the community, learn about the community, and support research.

  • Builds capacity of state and local agencies, parents and professionals to improve services and outcomes for children and young adults who are deaf-blind and their families by providing innovative technical assistance, information and training.

  • Program and services for youth and adults with combined vision and hearing loss.

  • Provides free telecommunication evaluation, equipment, and training to children and adults with significant vision and hearing loss who qualify. iCanConnect is a national program authorized under the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program.

  • Conni Castille and Phyllis Griffard talk about Acadian Usher syndrome, common in the Acadiana area of Southwest Louisiana.

  • This is the transcript of the podcast of the same name. Conni Castille and Phyllis Griffard talk about Acadian Usher syndrome, common in Acadiana Southwest Louisiana.

  • Advances in genetics provide new hope for Acadiana‚Äôs close-knit population of Usher's syndrome carriers

  • This is a video of the Louisiana Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareness (LHKDBA) banquet with guest speaker Keller Thompson, great-grandniece of Helen Keller at the Coldwater Inn in Tuscumbia, Alabama on Saturday evening, June 25, 2022. Its neighboring states - Arkansas, California, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, & Washington State plus Canada also joined the crowd! Dan Arabie was the host.

    Thanks to JRP (Jayce Romero Production) for conducting YouTube video that can be publicity viewed at

    LA HKDBA committee was almost speechless and heartily thanked to those who were being SSP volunteers to accompany with DeafBlind individuals and ASL/Pro Tactile/Voice interpreters as well.

  • The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) provides SSP services to Louisiana residents who are DeafBlind as defined by US legislature. Eligible participants will have:
    Central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in their better eye with corrective lenses or a visual field defect.
    Chronic hearing loss so severe that most speech cannot be understood. Extreme difficulty in doing daily life activities, participating in social activities, or getting a job on their own.
    If an individual cannot have their hearing and vision properly measured, but they have severe hearing and visual disabilities that make it extremely difficult to be independent, they may still be eligible for the program.

  • A national volunteer organization created to empower the voices of families of individuals who are deaf-blind and to advocate for their unique needs.

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