When a student with an IEP reaches 14 years of age, they and their educational team start to look ahead to life after school. Will the student wish to pursue college? Trade school? Enter the workforce? This is the time when your child with Usher syndrome should start to take the reins on learning to advocate for themselves if they haven't already. 

Peer support can be invaluable during this phase. Your teenager may want to check out our  "Just for Young Adults" section of our website. It includes a blog with great advice for those who will be going to college.

For those between the ages of 18 and 28, there is a private Facebook group, moderated by the young adults themselves, which also hosts monthly Zoom calls. 

USHPartner Ava's Voice hosts USHthis, a weeklong camp for youth with Usher syndrome, ages 11-14. Counselor positions are also available.