USH2020: A Journey Towards Finding a Cure for USH3

July 9, 2020

Cindy Elden, Usher III Initiative

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Presentation Summary:

In living with Usher III and seeking a cure, Cindy Elden and her father, the late Richard Elden, co-founded the Usher III Initiative almost 18 years ago. The Initiative has made remarkable progress, and their research has led to the discovery of a small molecule capable of mitigating hearing loss in an Usher III mouse model. In this presentation, Cindy tells her story of living with USH3, from her diagnosis to her work seeking a treatment for Usher III.

Speaker Bio:

Cindy Elden is the co-founder and president of the Usher III Initiative, a medical research organization dedicated to finding a cure for Usher syndrome type III. In addition to the groundbreaking work she has overseen as president of the Initiative, Cindy also independently runs an art consulting business specializing in Asian art. Cindy lives and works in New York. To learn more and support our mission visit:

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