USH Talks: Usher Syndrome and Cochlear Implants

December 27, 2016

Margaret Kenna, MD, MPH 

In this USH Talk, Dr. Margaret Kenna provides a basic overview of cochlear implants and how those with Usher syndrome might benefit from this technology.

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Speaker Bio:

Margaret Kenna received her MD degree from Boston University School of Medicine. She completed an internship and residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University Hospital of Arkansas and a fellowship at in Pediatric Otolaryngology at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr. Kenna has been on the Otolaryngology faculty at Boston Children’s Hospital since 1995. She co-founded the Children’s Hospital Boston Cochlear Implant Program, and was its Director from 1995-2003. She received a MPH in Clinical Effectiveness from the Harvard School of Public Health in 2005. She is the Sarah Fuller Chair for Hearing Loss and Hearing Restoration and currently runs a multi-disciplinary Hearing Loss Program at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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