USH Talks: Life Strategies and Facilitating Factors-Usher Syndrome Type 2A

(Transcripts and slides available in English and Swedish)

December 10, 2019

Moa Wahlqvist, PhD

How do you cope with living with Usher syndrome? What strategies do you use to overcome challenges? In the first scientific study of its kind, these questions and more were explored in group interviews with 14 people with Usher syndrome type 2, who described their strategies to remain active agents in their own lives.

In this USH Talk, Dr. Moa Wahlqvist summarizes the findings from this qualitative study.

Click here to access the published study by Mattias Ehn, Agneta Anderzén-Carlsson, Claes Möller, and Moa Wahlqvist.

Download the English transcript
Download the Swedish transcript

Download the slides in English
Download the slides in Swedish

Speaker Bio:  

Moa Wahlqvist has a Ph.D. in disability science and works as a researcher with a special interest in health and wellbeing for people with deafblindness, at the Audiological Research center, University hospital in Örebro and is affiliated to the Swedish Institute for Disability Research, Örebro University. She also holds a position as coordinator at the Swedish National Resource Center for Deafblindness and has a professional background within social work.

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