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OHSU Casey Eye Institute has one of the top ophthalmic research programs in the country. OHSU Casey Eye Institute's faculty are responsible for many of the most recent advances in ophthalmology, which have revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of many ophthalmic conditions. Advances in optical coherence tomography, ophthalmic informatics, corneal refractive, retina and pediatric eye care have been pioneered at Casey.

Usher Syndrome Research at OHSU:

Martha Neuringer, PhD

Oregon National Primate Research Center and Casey Eye Institute
Foundation Fighting Blindness Grant Recipient 

“Creation of a translational nonhuman primate model of Usher syndrome 1B.”

Dr. Neuringer and her team will expand a gene-edited nonhuman primate (NHP) model of Usher syndrome for initial tests of gene therapy. The expanded animal models of Usher syndrome 1B (USH1B) will enable studies to determine how closely primates harboring USH1B genetic variation resemble the human disease. The model will also be used to test a new type of gene therapy that uses a dual adeno-associated virus (AAV) platform that can facilitate the delivery of the MYO7A gene, which is too large to fit in a single AAV vector.

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