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Hearts on Hand *Call to Action*

The Usher Syndrome Coalition, along with our USH Partners (Ava's Voice, Hear See Hope, Usher Kids UK, Usher 1F Collaborative, and Usher Syndrome Society), are forming a *CALL TO ACTION* in response to the current COVID-19 health crisis. To ensure that all members of the Usher syndrome community - our USH Family - know they're not alone, please consider doing any of the following:

  • Check in with an USH Family member to let them know they are not alone
  • "Like" our "Hearts on Hand" Facebook post
  • Share this post on your personal Facebook page for a *Call to Action* for families and friends to be alerted and to join in
  • Tag a local resource that might be able to help your local friend in need

Stay in. Reach out. A virtual handshake to say hello and lend a hand.

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Financial Assistance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Information about COVID-19

ASL Information about COVID-19

Education Resources and Support

Leisure Activities/Crafts


FREE Resources


Resources for Home Deliveries

  • Free deliveries for the most at-risk community members facing COVID-19. Request a delivery of supplies, groceries or whatever else you may need. A volunteer will bring it to your doorstep.

  • Order groceries online, pay with credit card. Contactless delivery available.

Ask a Question; Share a Resource
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