The Usher Syndrome Coalition is launching our first "USH Local Social" events in 2023. This initiative is in direct response to the Usher community's request to meet others in their home communities. Local socials may be virtual or in person. We will add locations and events here as information becomes available. If you are interested in hosting an USH Local Social in your area, reach out to us at

2023 Locations

Upcoming Events:

  • The Usher Syndrome Coalition and the Usher Syndrome Society will co-host this event that will allow individuals and families to gather and participate in various "Master Classes" led by individuals with Usher syndrome (USH), including: Adaptive Yoga taught by Rebecca Alexander, group fitness instructor and psychotherapist living with USH, and Eliza Corderman, sister to two siblings with USH; a Salsa Workshop for the DeafBlind taught by Kerry Thompson, an adult with USH and Founding Executive Director of Silent Rhythms, and; an Adaptive Art Lesson taught by Timothy Chambers, a renowned fine art landscape and portrait artist living with USH.

  • Hear See Hope/Lane of Inquiry will be hosting a 2-day event focused on education and connection. On Friday afternoon, Rebecca Alexander will be leading a discussion on mental health and Lane McKittrick will be leading a discussion on IEP Development. Saturday, a social with lunch will be held at the McKittrick family ranch. A nearby hotel block is available. For more information, see the registration website.

  • Lafayette, Louisiana, September 15-16

    Educational Symposium + USH One See 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run

  • Sedona, Arizona, September 15-17

    Members of the "Awesome Moms with USH" group will hike and gather at the Red Rocks of Sedona. The group will be hiking with “Sedona Dave," the creator of the new All Terrain Cane.

Past Events: