Annual USH Connections Conferences

The USH Connections Conferences provide an incredible opportunity to learn the latest on developing treatments from leading USH researchers while connecting with hundreds of impacted individuals, their families, and professionals serving the deafblind community.

Our 2017 Conference featured Keynote Speaker Edwin M. Stone, MD, PhD. Dr. Stone, named to the Top 100 Most Influential People in Ophthalmology, is a professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Iowa and the director of the Wynn Institute of Vision Research, home of the William Kimberling Usher Research Laboratory.

Bill Barkeley, a deaf-blind adventurer, advocate and storyteller, was our Featured Speaker from the Usher community. Bill shared his amazing hike along the Camino de Santiago with the Usher community during our 2016 Own the Equinox campaign.  

Looking to catch up on the USH Connections Conference happenings? Click the links below for conference transcripts and presentation slides from our past events.

Join us at the USH Connections Conferences and gain hope through research and empowerment through connection.


Image of River Rhine in Mainz, Germany

USH2018: International Symposium on Usher Syndrome and 10th Annual USH Connections Conference | July 19-21, 2018 | Mainz, Germany 

A Look Back at the USH Connections Conferences (formerly Usher Syndrome Family Conference):

July 2017: 9th annual USH Connections Conference, Chicago, Illinois

  • 276 Total Attendees
  • *109 first-time attendees
  • 35 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 29 kids

July 2016: 8th annual Usher Syndrome Family Conference, Seattle, Washington

  • 198 Total Attendees
  • *68 first-time attendees
  • 32 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 26 kids

July 2015: 7th annual Usher Syndrome Family Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana

  • 169 Total Attendees
  • 20 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 23 kids

July 2014: 6th annual Usher Syndrome Family Conference held in conjunction with International Symposium on Usher Syndrome, Harvard Medical School, Boston (3-day event)

  • 300 Total Attendees
  • 32 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 23 kids

July 2013: 5th annual Usher Syndrome Family Conference, Portland, Oregon

  • 144 Total Attendees
  • 24 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 18 kids

July 2012: 4th annual Usher Syndrome Family Conference, St. Louis, Missouri

  • 133 Total Attendees
  • 12 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 27 kids

July 2011: 3rd annual Usher Syndrome Family Conference, Sturbridge, Massachusetts (held in conjunction with Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention)

  • 41 Total Attendees
  • 4 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 4 kids

July 2010: 2nd annual Usher Syndrome Family Conference, Seattle Children's Hospital

  • 100 Total Attendees
  • 25 Interpreters/Support providers
  • 9 kids

June 2009: 1st family conference (called "Frontiers in Usher Syndrome"), Harvard Medical School, Boston (in conjunction with Frontiers in Hearing Loss

  • 80 Total Attendees (Usher syndrome conference only)
  • 125 Attendees at both Usher syndrome and hearing loss conferences

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