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USH Ambassador for Utah

White woman with grey hair smiles at camera. Yellow lab is looking up at her.

My name is Ramona Rice, and it is with privilege that I am the Usher Syndrome Coalition Ambassador for Utah.

A little bit about me: I was diagnosed with Usher syndrome Type 2A at the age of 42, twenty years ago. For many years before my diagnosis, I didn't understand what was happening to me. I didn't know where to turn for support or request assistance to sustain my personal and professional livelihood and independence. While I am grateful for many things I've done in the past, I learned to appreciate new ones. One of the ten books I've written, "Walk in my Shoes: An Anthology on Usher Syndrome," has been received well by many readers in the United States and many countries.

I have been a proactive advocate for over 25 years for the Low Vision/Blind, Hard of Hearing/Deaf, and Deafblind communities to spread awareness and change the public's misconceptions. 

I find it rewarding to see significant outcomes, but it comes with patience, perseverance, and persistence.

As an ambassador for Usher Syndrome Coalition, I am committed along with Usher Syndrome Coalition to connecting people to life-changing information, resources, local services, and gaining community support.

I created a Facebook page recently called "Usher Syndrome Coalition Ambassador for Utah"  for anyone to gain a wealth of information. There will be a piece of weekly new details. (A work in progress)

Should you have any questions, contact me at:

Resources for Utah

  • Providing services for individuals birth through 21 years with deafblindness, including free collaborative technical assistance to families, education personnel, and service providers through training, and information dissemination.

  • Program and services for youth and adults with combined vision and hearing loss.

  • Provides free telecommunication evaluation, equipment, and training to children and adults with significant vision and hearing loss who qualify. iCanConnect is a national program authorized under the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program.

  • Helping people with disabilities address their unique barriers and achieve employment.

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