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Resources for Young Adults

Resources for young adults with Usher syndrome:

  • Our USH Partner, Ava's Voice, hosts USHthis Summer Youth Camp for youngsters with Usher syndrome, ages 11-14. Youth with Usher syndrome, ages 15-17, can apply to be counselors in training, and young adults with Usher, ages 18 to 24 can apply to be a lead counselor. Ava's Voice is an official partner of the Usher Syndrome Coalition. For more information about camp, go to Ava's Voice FB page
  • Webinar: ​Educational Considerations for Students with Usher Syndrome Two moms describe accommodations their kids received throughout their school years including college.
  • Sign up for our USH Trust registry, the largest international registry exclusively for the Usher community. It will assure that you get the latest info on research and will also help  to and connect the Usher community across the country and around the world
  • Annual USH Connections conference.  Presentations and live group events. Participants can connect with each other via a mobile app or in person.
  • Information in ASL: The "first-ever" series of 25 short ASL videos about Usher syndrome, presented by Kevin Richmond, an adult with Usher. Also includes several scientific USH Talks translated into ASL by native Deaf signers.
  • Transition Tips in ASL from the Disability Law Center
  • An SSP White Paper

Publications related to Usher:

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