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Usher Blog News

August 12, 2009

By Mark Dunning 

It's been a few weeks since the last post but I have good news to report on the Usher blog. I'm no longer alone. Starting tomorrow I'll be joined regularly by Jennifer Phillips. I'll let her introduce herself in her first posting, but unlike me, Jennifer does not have a family connection to Usher syndrome. Her connection is professional and she'll be providing a scientific perspective that we hope will compliment my general Usher family perspective.

We expect to post entries weekly from here forward and we're both very excited about the collaboration. For a taste of Jennifer's past work, click here [Updated in 2011: Part I, Part II] to view a four-part series she wrote on the biology of Usher syndrome.

I still owe a number of posts as well and promise they will be coming soon. Watch for Jennifer's first post tomorrow.

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