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Own the Equinox: Your-a-thon

August 16, 2016

By Mark Dunning

Some people so embraced the mile-a-thon last year that they just kept on going even after Usher Syndrome Awareness Day. I know one couple that started trotting a mile a day through the mile-a-thon. Then they added a mile more each week and they ran and ran and ran until they completed a half marathon together in February. Hard to think of a better metaphor for the momentum we are trying to create with our Own the Equinox campaign.

But maybe walking or running aren’t your thing. Well, that’s OK. There are lots of ways you can raise awareness about Usher syndrome. Last year, some people blogged. Check out the USH Blue Book Online Forum if you want to see some great blog connections. Lots of people posted something daily on social media, including one mom who wrote a heartwarming love note to her daughter for 26 days leading up to the Usher Syndrome Awareness Day on the equinox.

You don’t want to write? Well maybe you prefer to draw. How about holding an art party? Kidz b Kidz has art parties in a box that help teach kids about empathy and Usher syndrome.

Starting August 23rd, Kidz b Kidz will hold KbK Art Parties nationwide, as we count down to Usher Syndrome Awareness Day on September 17th. The KbK Art Parties will feature insight into Usher syndrome, as well as facts about the disease. Everyone attending learns about USH and then draws what they are feeling. This is empathy in action! Art Parties can be held with all adults, children, teenagers or a combination. You can reach out to Nancy and Jan at Kidz b Kidz if you’d like to hold an Art Party in your neighborhood: or 617-803-9101.

Or come up with your own a-thon. Last year there were hug-a-thons, skate-a-thons, hike-a-thons. One guy walked dozens of flights of stairs. Just pick something you like well enough to do for 26 days in a row and let the world know about it. We want everyone with Usher out doing something, if only because getting out and doing something is a way to take control of your life. It is empowering. And it can be great for your mental health. But more on that in the next post.

Learn more Usher Syndrome Awareness Day and how you can Own the Equinox.

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