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Own the Equinox: Mile-a-thon

August 11, 2016

by Mark Dunning

When my daughter was first diagnosed with Usher syndrome, I was told that it was so rare that I would probably never meet someone with Usher syndrome walking down the street. Let’s prove that wrong. Join me for the mile-a- thon on our journey to Own the Equinox. Get out and walk a mile a day, beginning August 23rd , for 26 days right up until Usher Syndrome Awareness Day, September 17th.

Break out the canes, harness up the dogs, grab an elbow and head for the sidewalks. Let the general public meet people with Usher syndrome walking down the street. There are at least 400,000 people worldwide with Usher. That’s quite a parade. Get out there and let them see you.

Maybe you prefer running. Sure. That works too. Run at least a mile a day for 26 days right up until Usher Syndrome Awareness Day, September 17th. Or bike. Or crab walk. Doesn’t matter. Just get out there and be seen. Give a face to Usher syndrome. The most important face. Yours.

Wait, you don’t have Usher syndrome? That’s fine. Neither do I. Get yourself an Usher syndrome shirt at our shop and wear it on your evening walk. Or make your own with these graphics. Because while there are 400,000 individuals with Usher in the world, there are scores more than that that care about each of them. Every one of the 400,000 has family and friends and doctors and co-workers that care about them. We could pour two million people in to the streets every day easily. I think the world would know us then.

So join me for the mile-a- thon in the 26 days leading up to Usher Syndrome Awareness Day. Let the world meet us on the street.

And if you don’t want to head to the street, well, just wait for the next post. We’ve got something for you, too.

Learn more Usher Syndrome Awareness Day and how you can Own the Equinox.

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