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Mike Walsh on his experience as a Family Panelist at USH2014

       Read Mike Walsh's blog post about his experience speaking at the 2014 Usher Syndrome Family Conference at Harvard Medical School “the largest gathering of the Usher syndrome community in history. Three days, four nights, nearly fifty speakers, dozens of interpreters, and more than three hundred attendees" as Mark Dunning wrote.

A selfie of Mike Walsh and fellow family panelists

       Mike writes "Being on the panel was a nerve wracking experience. Nonetheless, I hope I helped to ease people dealing with Usher syndrome, showing that life can still be great and full of laughs! As Mr. Dunning states in his blog, I was funny. So I guess it went ok at least"...

       Read the full post on Mike's blog here or view the transcript of the panel with video here!

a photo of the speakers at the 2014 Usher Syndrome Family Conference at Harvard Medical School
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