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Just for Young Adults


"Just for Young Adults" was curated by former intern Jessica Chaikof.

Are you a student with Usher syndrome? Would you like to share your experiences? Contact us here:

Dealing with Usher syndrome is not easy for anyone but especially when you are a young adult. As young adults, we look forward to being more independent; selecting a college; or planning on a career. It is challenging to make these choices because we do not know others with Usher syndrome who have gone through these situations previously. We have created this series with hopes of connecting young adults with others who have Usher syndrome as well. The goal of this page is to provide advice on college, starting your career, self-advocacy, and better understanding the ADA relating to Usher syndrome. We encourage you to use this page as a resource and to write to us with suggestions and ideas. 





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Megan Lengel, a recent college graduate and young adult with Usher syndrome, has offered to share with us her valuable experience attending college while dealing with Usher syndrome.

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