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Connect virtually at the USH2021 Conference! May 10-15

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USH2021 Virtual Exhibitor Registration

Monday, May 10, 2021Saturday, May 15, 2021
USH2021 Virtual Exhibitor Registration

The USH Connections Conference is the largest annual gathering of the Usher syndrome community. This year, the USH Connections Conference has gone virtual. Join the Usher Syndrome Coalition at USH Connections Week: connect with the global Usher syndrome community, engage with the powerful USH Family, and learn the latest on cutting-edge treatments from leading USH researchers.

The Usher Syndrome Coalition invites you to virtually exhibit at USH2021 to promote your company, services, or product. Your partnership with the Coalition will enable us to produce this event, giving the Usher community the opportunity to participate in a forum that provides hope through research and empowerment through connection.

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